Saturday, July 4, 2009

Welcome Back - Happy 4th of July

So High Above, A Political Blog about Current Issues in American Politics

The So High Above Political Blog has been on hiatus because the current the Bush Depression has also affected this writer's personal income, so time had to be dedicated to working more to stave off foreclosure and bankruptcy just as millions of other Americans.

First Happy 4th of July, a day to commemorate the founding of a new ideal in governance. A day that should remind us of the Revolutionary values of this Nation. many of the Founding Fathers warned in their writings that in order for this experiment to succeed the People must always be willing to engage in Revolutionary Change to protect Freedom and Liberty.

So High Above will no longer be published on a daily basis but on an as warranted basis, which may mean once a week or even twice a day as the situation warrants. Over the coming weeks So High Above will catch up on the Obama accomplishments and failures, the Democrats inaction, Governor Sanford, the Republicans in hiding, where did the money go, Senator Al Fraken, Governor Palin and the lack of a Stimulus for the American People.

Have a safe, healthy and happy 4th of July.

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