Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Dylan Ratigan Tells It All

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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cairo or New York City, NY

This spring the world witnessed the citizenry of Arab Countries around the world rise up against oppressive government regimes and demand social and economic justice. The United States Government feigned support for these uprisings with support offered by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama along with a host of Republican and Democratic Party Leadership. Today in New York City, New York in the heart of the Financial District young people are occupying and protesting against the economic and social injustice that has taken hold in the United States. Looking at their future, they see none, as it has been stolen from them by the excesses of the Financial Industry which has thrown the world economy and especially the United States Economy into chaos with their greedy quest for profits over growth and stability.

As the World watched the regimes of the Arab Dictatorships kill and arrest the protesters in an attempt to forestall the inevitable, the people of the world deplored the violence as did the people and the government of The United States. Now that the youth of America can no longer take a future without hope caused by the policies of the last couple of Administrations and the constant game playing of the Republican Majority in the House of Representatives, they are bringing Shadow of the Arab Spring to Wall Street. We all remember the scenes of the secret police in Cairo charging the demonstrators on camels and horseback bringing a backlash of world opinion that made it impossible for the Mubarak Regime to remain in power.

In the American Fall, the youth of America have found it necessary to make their voices heard, to call upon the leadership of America, to reverse the policies of institutional poverty, chronic unemployment and economic injustice where it is now in vogue to dismantle social programs and workers rights so that the rich can become the super rich, and the poor can become the slave class. On September 24, 2010 the New York City Police Department was akin to the secret police of repressive dictatorial regimes, man handling peaceful demonstrators and doing the bidding of the rich and powerful to keep the demoralize the threaten the youthful protesters who are demanding a future.

In 1968, when the youth of America was rising up to end an unjust war that was claiming the futures of their generation, the same Police State Tactics were used on the Campus of Kent State University where four innocent people lost their lives to National Guard Bullets and in he Streets of Chicago during the 1968 Democratic National Convention. After the carnage at the Democratic National Convention in the Streets of Chicago the chant of the Protesters was heard around the world, "The Whole World is Watching!". In September 2011 in the Streets of New York City, this chant must now be revitalised, " THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING!!!!"

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Welcome Back - Happy 4th of July

So High Above, A Political Blog about Current Issues in American Politics

The So High Above Political Blog has been on hiatus because the current the Bush Depression has also affected this writer's personal income, so time had to be dedicated to working more to stave off foreclosure and bankruptcy just as millions of other Americans.

First Happy 4th of July, a day to commemorate the founding of a new ideal in governance. A day that should remind us of the Revolutionary values of this Nation. many of the Founding Fathers warned in their writings that in order for this experiment to succeed the People must always be willing to engage in Revolutionary Change to protect Freedom and Liberty.

So High Above will no longer be published on a daily basis but on an as warranted basis, which may mean once a week or even twice a day as the situation warrants. Over the coming weeks So High Above will catch up on the Obama accomplishments and failures, the Democrats inaction, Governor Sanford, the Republicans in hiding, where did the money go, Senator Al Fraken, Governor Palin and the lack of a Stimulus for the American People.

Have a safe, healthy and happy 4th of July.

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Sunday, May 31, 2009

Returning July 4, 2009

So High Above will return on July 4, 2009
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Saturday, April 4, 2009

Poverty Class

The United States Department of Health and Human Services released the 2009 Poverty Guidelines. For a single person the Department considers $10,830 as the poverty level. Taking this figure in context that means that the United States Department of Health and Human Services believes that a person can live on $10,831 and not be in poverty. That would mean that the person would be able to maintain shelter, food and clothing for under $30 a day.

Since August of 2008, the American Citizen has seen the United States Treasury Bailout multinational corporations where their executives are making in excess of of $5 Million Dollars a year. So the Treasury Department sees the Federal Government as an insurance for the continuation of income for Executives who are earning more than $13,000 per day, while the Department of Health and Human Services believes that a person can live on less than $11,000 per year.

The United States Government does not have an obligation to secure the lifestyles of those that have prospered in good economic times and now find themselves in a position of losing their wealth and status. If the Government believe that a person can live on less than $11,000 a year then there is no justification for any Bailout of any Corporation. The Executives of these Corporations are far from the Poverty Levels as posted by the United States Government.

During the last eight years the debate over income equity all but disappeared. Again we arrive at the question is the best way to build an Economy from the top down or from the bottom up? The answer is obvious but the facts have been distorted by the so called "Conservative Agenda". An agenda that despise minimum living wage requirements but believes in rescuing Financial Institutions who through their own greed and excessive compensation of their Executives have landed in financial trouble. The average citizen does not even need a Bailout, they just need laws that protect them, such as limiting interest rates, late fees and other excessive charges that the Congress allowed in the Bankruptcy Bill of 2007. The most immediate thing that Congress can do to help the American Citizen is to revamp the punitive laws encased in the last Bankruptcy Bill.
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Friday, April 3, 2009

Help Desperately Needed

Congressional and Governmental help is desperately needed by the American People to regulate the loan sharking activies of the Credit Card Industry. Thanks to the revamped Bankruptcy Bill that was passed during the Bush Administration's Republican controlled Congress Credit Card Companies were given free reign to charge loan sharking rates on credit cards. Credit Card Rates charged by the credit card industry were always excessive but thanks to the revamped Bankruptcy Bill they now have the legal blessings of the Federal Government to set punitive interest rates that will keep Americans repressed throughout their lives.

The revamped Bankruptcy Bill allows credit card companies to randomly raise rates after a card holder borrows the money. If a card holder made a purchase at 3.99% interest and has been paying that bill in a timely manner, a late payment to another company gives the credit card company the right to raise the interest rate on the debt top them which is being paid on time. This was accomplished by the Banking and Financial Lobbyists who control ALL members of Congress, Republican and Democrat.

It is long past time that the United States Congress stop this insane system and return America to a Nation that is for the benefit of her Citizens and not the multinational corporation. Usury Laws MUST be re-enacted now, and the Credit Card Industry must abide by the law and have strict regulatory oversight.

The right Wing Radio Hosts like Sean Hannity are perpetrating this phony tea party protest throughout the US, what they should be protesting is the punitive interest rates that the financial lobby has been able to achieve by greasing the political treasure chests of Republicans and Democrats. The extreme interest rates charged by Credit Card Companies are more detrimental to the US economy than the tax rate.
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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Obama Administration Fails to Inspire

As The Obama Administration approaches 100 days in office, there is a lack of an inspirational message to those suffering through the worst Economic Crisis of a lifetime. The Obama Administration was definitely handed a bad situation by the Bush Administration and as they try to unravel it, it appears worse each day. The problem is that the Obama Administration is failing to lead in an inspirational way, instead they are mimicking a lot of the Republican Policies.

The Obama Administration continues to be fixated on rescuing the Banking and Financial Institutions that created the problem using the same argument as the Republican Bush Administration, that these multinational corporations are too big to fail. An inspirational approach would be to rescue the middle and working class families from the depths of despair and as they are able to purchase goods and services the economy will recover from the ground up, as it should be. To continue the failed approach of trickle down economics championed by the Republican Party since the days of Reagan is not only wrong, it is immoral.

Banks and other Financial Institutions that can recover from the mess that they created by servicing a thriving Middle and Working Class are the ones that are worthy of survival, the rest should be placed into receivership, their remaining assets sold and the money repaid to the United States Treasury. It is long past the time to take the burden of the economic crisis off of the backs of the American Citizen and place it back on the multinational corporations that have caused the problem with their excessive greed, phony financial instruments, exurbanite salaries and conspicuous consumptive habits. The rescue that should be in place is the rescue of the American Citizen from the failed policies of the last eight years. If all the money that has been siphoned to the multinational corporations had been sent to the American Citizen, the economy would be on the verge of a boom instead of balancing on the edge of a bust.
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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Congress on Vacation

The United States Congress is on a two week vacation. This is disgusting being that they have failed to accomplish much of anything at a time when the Nation is suffering the poorest economic downturn since the Great Depression and maybe the worst economic downturn of the entire history of the Nation.

Since this Congress has been in session they have failed to address the pilferage of the American Consumer by the Credit Card Industry that is charging loan sharking rates on consumer debt. The Congress has made sure that the most wealthiest Corporations in America received enough federal Bailout money to maintain the conspicuous consumption standard of living that they have become accosted to and they they have enough money in their Treasuries to continue political contributions even at the expenses of emptying the United States Treasury.

There has not even been one piece of legislation proposed by any Congress person or Senator to apply Usury Laws to loan sharking credit card companies, or to demand that banks and other financial institutions remove their back office centers from India, Pakistan, and the Philippines even after they accepted Federal Bailout Money.

The current scenario goes like this, Congress bails out the financial institutions that caused the mess, they continue to receive their unwarranted salaries, continue contributing to campaigns, Congress takes no action for the thousands of small businesses that are closing in record numbers, no help for the consumer paying loan sharking rates to the credit card companies. Congress then takes a two week vacation after voting themselves a raise while the rest of the citizens are losing income on a daily basis.
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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

When Will Congress Work?

The classic view of an empire in distress has always been summed up by the phrase, Nero fiddled while Rome burned". A new phrase can be added to the lexicon, "Congress played games while the People lost their Future". This Congress under the leadership of Speaker Pelosi and Senator Reid seems to wander aimlessly from one fund raising event to the next without taking a proactive step in the direction of helping the American People. While they continue to appropriate Bailout Money for every multi-national corporate entity on earth not one piece of legislation has been proposed or enacted to stop these corporations from prying on the People.

We have a Nation where Credit Card Companies are worse than a neighborhood loan shark, where interest rates with late fees and over limit fees added to the interest costs of borrowing exceeds 50% in a lot of cases. Even with the best of credit worthiness interest rates are commonly exceeding 15% even though these companies are borrowing Federal Tax Payer Money at .5% from the Federal Reserve. There is a serious problem when the regulating body of a Country allows private corporations unlimited leeway in the way they do business. The Federal Government of the United States is charged with protecting Commerce across State Lines, yet they fail to stop the wholesale robbery of constituents assets by the floundering credit card industry that is a division of the banking industry that the Government continues to throw money at day after day.

The maleficence of the Financial Industry has basically Bankrupt our Nation, yet they are rewarded with Bailout Money from the Congress to continue the same practices that caused the demise of the Financial Structure of the Nation. While they spend excess amounts of times soliciting contributions to their political aspirations from the same corporations that they are charged with regulating, the Congressional Representatives do nothing about the loan sharking practices of the Credit Card Companies.

The Credit Card Companies are desperately trying to stave off the same fate as their Banking Parents by charging more and excessive fees and higher rates to the Citizenry at large with the blessings and deregulation of the Congressional Representatives who should be representing the people not the multi-national conglomerate. The reasons that they refuse to intiate any hearings or propose any legislation to regulate the the unsavory practices of the Credit Card Industry is because it is an industry that never says no to a Politician with their hand out.

Proposed Legislation should read, no entity in doing business under the laws of the United States may charge interest or fees exceeding 5% above the cost of Fed Funds, no entity engaged in the business of finance may contribute to the campaign funds, or Political Action Committees or pay for lobbyists to petition any member of Congress. Of course this will never be done as long as the Congressional Representatives continue to be fed by the Industries that they are suppose to regulate to protect the American Citizen. The failure of this Congress to act against the thievery that is occurring by the Credit Card Industry should be spotlighted in every media outlet so that they will be shamed into acting.

The Congress did not fail to vote themselves a pay raise, but they have failed to protect the buying power of the citizens wages. This Congress is a failure at a time of National Emergency, without a vision and a direction that will enable the Nation to have a strong and sustainable recovery.
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