Thursday, April 2, 2009

Obama Administration Fails to Inspire

As The Obama Administration approaches 100 days in office, there is a lack of an inspirational message to those suffering through the worst Economic Crisis of a lifetime. The Obama Administration was definitely handed a bad situation by the Bush Administration and as they try to unravel it, it appears worse each day. The problem is that the Obama Administration is failing to lead in an inspirational way, instead they are mimicking a lot of the Republican Policies.

The Obama Administration continues to be fixated on rescuing the Banking and Financial Institutions that created the problem using the same argument as the Republican Bush Administration, that these multinational corporations are too big to fail. An inspirational approach would be to rescue the middle and working class families from the depths of despair and as they are able to purchase goods and services the economy will recover from the ground up, as it should be. To continue the failed approach of trickle down economics championed by the Republican Party since the days of Reagan is not only wrong, it is immoral.

Banks and other Financial Institutions that can recover from the mess that they created by servicing a thriving Middle and Working Class are the ones that are worthy of survival, the rest should be placed into receivership, their remaining assets sold and the money repaid to the United States Treasury. It is long past the time to take the burden of the economic crisis off of the backs of the American Citizen and place it back on the multinational corporations that have caused the problem with their excessive greed, phony financial instruments, exurbanite salaries and conspicuous consumptive habits. The rescue that should be in place is the rescue of the American Citizen from the failed policies of the last eight years. If all the money that has been siphoned to the multinational corporations had been sent to the American Citizen, the economy would be on the verge of a boom instead of balancing on the edge of a bust.
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