Sunday, September 25, 2011

Cairo or New York City, NY

This spring the world witnessed the citizenry of Arab Countries around the world rise up against oppressive government regimes and demand social and economic justice. The United States Government feigned support for these uprisings with support offered by Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, Vice President Joe Biden and President Barack Obama along with a host of Republican and Democratic Party Leadership. Today in New York City, New York in the heart of the Financial District young people are occupying and protesting against the economic and social injustice that has taken hold in the United States. Looking at their future, they see none, as it has been stolen from them by the excesses of the Financial Industry which has thrown the world economy and especially the United States Economy into chaos with their greedy quest for profits over growth and stability.

As the World watched the regimes of the Arab Dictatorships kill and arrest the protesters in an attempt to forestall the inevitable, the people of the world deplored the violence as did the people and the government of The United States. Now that the youth of America can no longer take a future without hope caused by the policies of the last couple of Administrations and the constant game playing of the Republican Majority in the House of Representatives, they are bringing Shadow of the Arab Spring to Wall Street. We all remember the scenes of the secret police in Cairo charging the demonstrators on camels and horseback bringing a backlash of world opinion that made it impossible for the Mubarak Regime to remain in power.

In the American Fall, the youth of America have found it necessary to make their voices heard, to call upon the leadership of America, to reverse the policies of institutional poverty, chronic unemployment and economic injustice where it is now in vogue to dismantle social programs and workers rights so that the rich can become the super rich, and the poor can become the slave class. On September 24, 2010 the New York City Police Department was akin to the secret police of repressive dictatorial regimes, man handling peaceful demonstrators and doing the bidding of the rich and powerful to keep the demoralize the threaten the youthful protesters who are demanding a future.

In 1968, when the youth of America was rising up to end an unjust war that was claiming the futures of their generation, the same Police State Tactics were used on the Campus of Kent State University where four innocent people lost their lives to National Guard Bullets and in he Streets of Chicago during the 1968 Democratic National Convention. After the carnage at the Democratic National Convention in the Streets of Chicago the chant of the Protesters was heard around the world, "The Whole World is Watching!". In September 2011 in the Streets of New York City, this chant must now be revitalised, " THE WHOLE WORLD IS WATCHING!!!!"

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