Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Democratic Debate Oct 30,2007

What was the most interesting comment to come out of the Democratic Debate on Oct 30, 2007 in Philadelphia. Chris Dodd voiced concern over the prison population, and mentioned decriminalizing marijuana. Is this a notion that is long past due. How many lives will continue to be ruined by imprisoning for marijuana. What is the cost for incarceration for marijuana? What are the benefits to Society for this practice?

The Price in terms of costs to the tax payers is excessive. There is the cost of enforcement, these resources can be redirected towards preventing violent crimes and property crimes. There is the cost of incarceration, again, a huge amount of tax payer dollars going towards warehousing people who would otherwise be productive members of society. Then there is the human costs, how many families without fathers and mothers because they are in prisons.

What can be gained by decriminalizing marijuana? The over stressed resources of the law enforcement, court system and penal system can be preserved for the more important efforts related to violent and property crimes.

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