Thursday, November 15, 2007

Dems Roll the Dice in Vegas

The Democratic Candidates had a debate in the gambling capital of the world, the irony is not lost on the electorate. The next election will be a gamble. After 8 years of planned destruction of the previous administration the next President will be a gambler. No matter what the issue, the next President will have to gamble on a solution because all of the Nation's problems have been exacerbated by the Administration of 2000-2008. No matter if it is the War, the Economy, Social Security, Education, Infrastructure, Foreign Policy, Energy Policy or the disappearance of the Middle Class, the next President will be gambling that any solution is not too late.

With that in mind the Democratic Candidates basically used the debate in Vegas to attack each other and point out the the other's flaws. A few ideas were presented, but nothing solid.

Each Candidate should be presenting his or her ideas and solutions instead of pointing out that the other Candidate does not have a solution. It is too bad that this valuable air time could not have been used to explain to the American Citizens the damage that has been done in the last eight years and the solutions that are necessary.

Some interesting moments, Sen. Clinton does not support ending the cap on Social Security Taxes, a policy that would easily and painlessly extend the solvency time of Social Security. Is it too much to ask the top six percent of income earners to contribute to the Social Security System at the same rate as the bottom 94 per cent. John Edwards was not apologetic for voting for the Patriot Act. Sen. Obama does not really understand the complexity of the Middle East Mess that has been created. Sen. Dodd is surprisingly plain spoken. Gov. Richardson does not have enough domestic focus. Sen. Biden has solved the Iraq War problem and he has 75 Senators behind him, my question is why has this not been enacted on being that a majority of The American People are opposed to the war.

Hopefully, one Candidate will rise above soon and start presenting a dynamic, comprehensive solution to the destruction of last eight years.

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