Wednesday, November 14, 2007

What Democrat Will Stand Up

Will any Democrat stand up for Americans in The Las Vedas Debate.
Will ONE of them mention a plan for Energry self suffienctancy?
Will ONE of them memtion the brutal interest rates being charged by credit card companies?
Will ONE of them memtion a workable health plan?

I fear not, I fear that the current crop of Presidential Candaidtes are blimd to the destruction of the middle class and freally dn't care about its demise.

Aside from the War and the foreign policy fiasco of this administration, we are all feeling the effects of the assault on the middle class and this will intensify as interest is allowed to be a loan sharking game by the banks, and as energy is allowed to be a corporate dame of excessive profits. Do the Democrats mention either? Not a one of them.

The Southeast is suffering from the worst drought in 100 years with no relief in sight. A Government with leadership and leaders would be addressing this issue. Has any Presidential Candidate even mentioned this? Is there a solution? Controlled growth with the focus on infrastructure is a long term solution, but what can the government do about water? Has one candidate offered a program of water distribution focusing on Water desalinating, which would create jobs and economic growth.

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