Sunday, January 27, 2008


Congratulations to Sen. Obama for the South Carolina victory. Let's hear some plans for change that will affect the average person. Will Sen. Obama call for restricting the amount of interest that may be charged by law in this country? Is 3 x prime a reasonable rate or should leaders be unleashed to suck the blood from the lower and middle class.

Can New York City, Sioux Falls, Denver, and all US cities have the same access to US Government funding as Baghdad, and Basra?

Come on Senator, let us hear the details of change. A National program on the scope of putting a man on the moon, a program to rid us of fossil fuels in ten years. Every home in America making hot water from the sun in 10 years. Real change. A 25 year project to upgrade the infrastructure of all American roads, bridges and tunnels. Every traffic, signal and light being lit by solar power. REAL CHANGE. Shout out the plan each and every day. A one page tax plan...every corporation pays 15% in Federal income tax. every person pays 10% on all income over $75,000 per person. Real change.

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