Sunday, March 30, 2008

Congressional Oversight

Where is the Congressional Leadership - have they deserted the American People again? Why are there no investigations into War profiteering, Corporations were given no bid contracts and they have an open door to the Treasury. Is anyone watching what we are paying for and insuring that they are performing for this money. While they are investigating that they should also be investigating how we got to the point of farming out that which the Military used to do itself, like feeding the troops, building the bases, supplying the towels.

Then on the home front, are any Billionaires and their corporations are given an ope door to the Treasury while Main Street America is collapsing. The American Family is in foreclosure, credit card companies are loan sharks, food prices are rising due to commodity speculation. Where are the Congress people?

The States will all have budget problems because the Federal Money that is normally passed to the 50 States has been given away to the 51st State of Iraq.

Health care is becoming non-existent for a vast majority of American Families because of the costs of both the Health Care and the Health Care Insurance, but Congressional Leadership would rather talk about the sermons of a Minister from Chicago then confront the issue.

Not only has this Administration failed the American People and the American Dream, but so to has this Congress.

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