Friday, March 28, 2008

Economic Shambles

With the Country heading towards economic meltdown, the three major remaining Presidential Candidates made statements yesterday. McCain, do nothing, the Bush policies are fine. Clinton, $30 Billion economic stimulus plan, including job retraining, community grants, etc. Obama, $30 Billion, some form of mortgage relief, and community based funding. There is a much easier plan - REGULATE THE CREDIT CARD COMPANIES- REVERSE THE BANKRUPTCY BILL.

If all Credit Card interest was regulated by law to prime plus 5% it will allow those in debt to begin paying their debt. Free up credit limits, make consumers more comfortable with again using their credit cards, and spur on some sales.

The Bankruptcy Bill must have the restrictive provisions removed. Allow a person the same protection as a Corporation. When did Corporations become more important that people, oh I forgot, when Regan became Acting President.

If the Democrats want to prove that they are different from The Republicans, they must stand up and offer initiatives, fight for them and enact them. A Limit on Credit Card interest and fees MUST be enacted NOW to save the Lower and Middle Class Families from economic disaster.

The Democratic Leadership (wherever they are hiding) should be offering bold proposals towards energy efficiency. A Plan on the scope of the those offered by Roosevelt, or Kennedy or Johnson. A plan that offers incentive to inventions and progress, a plan that will install solar on every home in America within 10 years. A plan like that would create jobs, lower pollution, cut back on oil imports and free us from Middle East Captivity. WAKE UP THE CONGRESSIONAL LEADERSHIP.

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