Saturday, March 29, 2008

Food is Next

As if the Corporate stragulation on energy is not enough to bankrupt the American Family, we now have Commodity speculators driving up the costs of wheta and rice, two mainstays of the human diet. The price of wheat is rising so fast because of specualtive commodity brokers that many small to mid sized bakers throughout America are fearing that they will be priced out of the marketplace. How could " The Bread Basket of The World" as America was once known, now have a wheat shortage. Does this make any sense to anyone?

Now, rice prices are soaring throughout the world causing many Nations to place restrictions on exporting rice. The rice prices will soon effect the ability to obtain rice in America. Rice is a staple of many lower and middle class families in America. What will they eat?

Where oh where is the Congressional Leadership? Instaed of worrying about the Election, shouldn't the Congressional Leadership be worrying about the fate of the American People?

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