Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Just a Rough Patch

President Bush announced today that that the economy is strong and we are just going through a rough patch. He will give small business a tax incentive to invest in new equipment. I am sure that this will help the thousands of small stores on America's Main Streets overcome the worst financial recession since the Great Depression. do these guys have a clue what is going on? McCain said he doesn't support helping homeowners that are in trouble but is all for the Bear sterns bailout. That is the essence of the Government in power for the last 7 years, help filthy rich screw the poor and middle class.

Where is the $1.10 meal for a family of 4. A Family of 4 receiving Food Stamps is expect to be able to provide their meals at the rate of a $1.10 per meal based on their monthly allowance and the number of meals needed in a month. Are we sure this is still America?

Why is there no money for the States to repair infrastructure, no money for Health Care, no money to feed the poor, no money to help small business get through the "rough patch", no money to help homeowners, no money for an alternative energy program, no money for schools, no money for the American people? Could it be that all the money goes to Iraq every day? When will Americans become outraged over the policy of bankrupting the American Family and bailing out the wealthy corporations?

Will the Presidential Candidates mention ANY ideas to improve the plight of the American Family and make the Corporations repay the money that has been plundered through excessive interest rates, over priced war contracts and price gouging medical care? I think not, the Candidates would rather you, the American voter stay focused on race, gender, religion and terror.

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