Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The State of The Economy

As the Feds rush to rescue billionaires such as Bear Stern and the other major banks in the US, Main Street Business is facing economic blight with no end in sight, and no rescue from the Feds. Do you have to be a Billionaire that has plundered the wealth of your company to get help from the Feds?

As the Feds look for a fix to the broken economy the Credit Card Banks are still charging 39.9% interest with the blessings of the Government This is such an easy fix. Talk about predatory lending, this is worse than borrowing money from a loan shark, yet the government fiddles while the American Businessman and the middle and lower class families burn. All interest should be restricted by law, no more than 5% over prime. The Feds are loaning banks money in the billions of dollars at lower interest rates while the banks put it on the streets at LOAN SHARK rates, is this a criminal enterprise?

Do any of the Presidential Candidates have a clue what is happening to the American Family and their ability to continue to pay interest rates that is triple what they shoul be? Speak out Mr. Ombama, Ms. Clinton, Mr. MCain, do any of you care that the econony is collapsing around us?

April 1, 2008 the truck drivers of American will park their rigs to highlight the inability of the small business person to make a living in the world that the administration of the last 7 years has created.


Support the Truckers.

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