Tuesday, April 1, 2008

April Fool's Day

It would be too easy to write an editorial full of rosy scenarios and then say April Fool, but the situation in America is too sad for that kind of satire. How easy it would be to say the middle class is thriving the poor are rising out of poverty, and the wealth of the Nation is being distributed across the broadest spectrum of the American populace than ever before in History. But the real situation is too sad for that. The Middle Class is dissipating into the poor, and the poor are sinking to the lowest depths of poverty and a larger number are sinking into poverty than ever before in Modern American History.

What an easy idea to fill a column with laudatory praises of the US President, and then say April Fool. To say that America is more respected throughout the world then ever, but it is too sad because just the opposite is true.

To say that America is leading the way in the exploration and implementation of alternative energy, but sadly that is not the case. The American Federal Government has made no attempt to foster a plan and put it in motion to become energy self-sufficient. A plan such as the Man on the Moon Plan where the President announces that we as a Nation will be Energy Self-Sufficient and then Congress funds it.

Yes, and too sad to touch on Iraq. Too sad to touch upon a do nothing Congress. Too sad to see the infrastucture of America crumble. Health care cannot be saterized, it is more than sad it is tragic to thousands of American Families. A Public High School gratuation rate that is sinking yearly certainly can not be an April Fool joke.

If you really need an April Fool Joke there is that primary still going on.

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