Friday, April 25, 2008

The Bush Fantasy

On April 22, 2008 President Bush stated that we are not in a recession, we are in a slowdown. Mr. Bush lives in a fantasy world. The state of the American Economy is in dire straits. The American Family is struggling to survive on all fronts. The price of gasoline, food, home heating energy, electricity and health care are pushing average American Families beyond their economic means. There is a major disconnect between what this man sees and what is reality.

Just as during Katrina, he complimented the FEMA head, “heck of a job Brownie”, while people where suffering and distressed, with little help forthcoming from FEMA. Mr. Bush thought everything was just fine.

In Iraq, according to Mr. Bush, we have, pre-empted WMD’s, liberated the Iraqi people, brought democracy to the Iraqi People, stopped the insurgency, and are now on a good course. None of these premises are true. Under the Bush leadership, we have invaded a Sovereign Nation, thrown a People into Civil War, gave a base from which to kill Americas, disrupted the world’s oil supply and a chance at Middle East Peace. Bush declared Victory when nothing was accomplished. Since the declaration of victory, America has squandered the blood of our Military and wasted the treasure of the Nation.

Today in America, we have food costs soaring, energy prices rising, the Middle Class disappearing, but in the eyes of Mr. Bush, we are fine, it is just a little slowdown and when you get those tax rebate checks everything will be rosy again. Since the Bush Administration hijacked this Country, we have: lost the respect of the world community, become a debtor Nation, lost our leadership in Technology, lost our Education System to rote learning without funding, have worse air, polluted water supply, a crumbling infrastructure, a declining airline industry, a declining manufacturing base, a loss of good paying jobs and elections that can not be trusted. Although Congress shares the blame for not standing up to be counted, Mr. Bush is to blame for not seeing the reality in front of him.

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