Monday, April 28, 2008

Bush Knocks 'em Dead at Dinner

The President of The United States is a comedian. The Press has been gushing with praise over the performance of President Bush at The White House Correspondence Dinner. This year’s dinner pointed out more than ever before the two Americas that exist today. There is the America of privilege that attends a gala event in gowns and jewelry feasting on a gourmet dinner and attending extravagant parties while the American Family is suffering from the policies instituted by this Administration and that go unchecked by what is suppose to be the opposition. Celebrities, Politicians, Government Officials and the Press all get along and have a grand time at this event.

This is the same dinner a few years ago where President Bush did his infamous routine of looking for WMD’s under the desk at the White House. Again this year the media covered Bush’s performance as if he is a regular guy with a great sense of humor. Even supposed liberal media types like Ed Schultz thought that the President gave a performance that presented himself as a nice, regular guy. It can be argued forever if this President is a part of a larger devious plot to destroy America or if he is just a pawn in a larger game controlled by powers that we will never know. That, however, is not the point. The point is that the media is supposed to be one of the safeguards that watch, investigate and report on the policies being implemented in the Government. In better times, when America as a Nation was not as devastated by the policies of an Administration, a night of fun would be warranted, but now an event like this should have been down played not highlighted.

Here we have a dinner where the keynote comedians, the President, Vice President and others think that appropriate comedic material is the devastation that has been bestowed upon America by the nightmarish years of this Administration.

While the Washington crowd was feasting at this gala event, American Soldiers are dead and suffering from wounds they received in the joke called Iraqi. Children went to bed hungry in America. Middle Class Families tried to rest worrying if they can keep their homes. Terminal Patients tried to sleep with the anguish of their inability to seek quality care. Truck Drivers pulled over to a rest stop and closed their eyes as they anguished over how they will be able to continue to make a living driving.

The world does not respect the American dollar; banks are on the verge of collapse. The surplus left by the last Administration is long gone and America is now the largest debtor nation in the world. Private Corporations were written checks from the Treasury by this Administration without any performance standards. The Victims of Katrina are still homeless. New Orleans is still a catastrophe. The infrastructure of America has declined beyond what could ever have been dreamed by the worst enemies of America. The Rights bestowed by the Constitution have been twisted and perverted by the Policies of this Administration.

Americans should not worry, it is all very funny, your President thinks so, your Congressional Leadership thinks so, your Government Officials think so, and your Press thinks so, so it must be all one big joke.

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