Saturday, April 5, 2008

Bush Legacy

As the Nightmare of the last seven years winds down to less than a year to go it seems as if GW Bush is trying to create a Legacy for his Presidency. Let us hope that the time of History doesn't blunt the horrific damage that this Presidency has done to the Republic.

History must bear witness to this dark time in the American timeline. History should tell the story of an American Economy that was stable and progressive at the time that this Administration came to be the controlling power of the Great Republic. In less than eight years the economy of a Great Nation was turned into the largest Debtor Nation to ever exist. The Bush Administration was able to turn an economy that was enabling all classes to move up a rung on the ladder of economic stability to an economy where economic survival has become a burden to the middle and lower classes. An Economy that was at the fore front of Technology to one that is lagging behind other industrial nations. An economy where energy was affordable to one where it is becoming unaffordable for all.

Across the board this Administration is the definition of destruction. An endless war started on the basis of lies. The loss of respect for America across the International Community. An education policy that has failed to provide the basic funding for sustaining Education let alone empowering Education. A Health care system that is shutting out more and more families in America. The largest increase in Poverty in a generation. The biggest increase in hunger in America in over 40 years. An infrastructure that has not received any upkeep or improvements since the beginning of this Administration's first budget.

The total and complete disregard for the Population of a major American City. When you think of a Legacy for this Administration, just think about New Orleans, have you ever thought that the US Government would abandon an entire population of an American city.

The Bush Administration should become the case study for how a viable government was pillage by privatization. Pirates who robbed the Treasury with invoices. They Privatized everything, and everything failed and cost more than Government administered services ever did, and they did it with no accountability. Our troops were sent to a war without National need with Private companies providing the logistics at a cost far beyond that which the Military has been able to provide itself.

The list is simple, this Administration has failed at:

1. International Stability, respect and economically

2. The Dollar at an all time low

3. Energy, prices and policy

4. Health care

5. Education

6. Regulating Banking

7. Pollution

8. Justice

9. Protecting American Rights

10. Privacy Laws

11. Government Corruption

12. Emergency Assistance to Citizens in need

13. Truth in Government

14. Trust in Government

15. Progressing the American Dream

The list can go on and on and, each item can be expanded on to book length, with example and example of the complete failure to guide this Great Nation to growth, stability, peace,liberty, prosperity and respect.

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