Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The Bush Years by The Numbers

The Bush Administration and their cheerleaders would like you to believe that the Bush Tax cuts have spurred on America to an unprecedented period of economic prosperity. As of two days ago the President said "we are not in a recession, it is just a slowdown" Today the Federal Reserve confirmed the President's statement that there is not a recession. How many Americans believe that.

Taking a look at the past seven years, just in terms of numbers, in the year 2000 Americans were paying $1.15 per gallon of gasoline, in 2008 we are quickly approaching $4.00 with predictions as high as $10 per gallon. In 2000, Americans were paying .89 cents for a dozen eggs, today, $3.69, in 2000 bread was $1.49 per loaf, today $2.69, and in 2000 a pound of flour was .27 cents, today .98cents.

When the Bush Administration took over in 2000, the previous 4 years the Federal Budget was at a surplus, it has steadily risen to the largest deficit in history. We are losing jobs at a record rate, people are falling below the poverty line at a record pace and the treasure of the Nation has lined the treasuries of Corporations friendly to the Administration, from Voting Machine Companies, to Disaster Relief Companies to Para military companies. The Media has become a Corporate propaganda tool of the Administration Policies instead of the independent watchdog that America always enjoyed.

The Housing market is in the most fragile state that it has ever been in with trillions of dollars of home equity value being lost at record rates. There are more vacant homes in America than ever before, more forecloses, more credit card debt and stagnate wages.

America has lost the leadership role in Technology, Medical Research, Automotive, Manufacturing, Energy and even service. America was considered the bread basket of the world, no longer.

What has America become under the Bush Administration? The Largest Debtor Nation in World History. A Nation where the the middle class is vanishing by the day. A Nation where the super wealthy continue to amass fortune at the expense of the poor, a Charles Dickens Nation of the haves and the have nots.

The Republican controlled Congress under the leadership of the Republican Administration has the Nation in a war on two fronts, bleeding American Citizens of their blood and treasure. The Tax policies have favored the wealthiest of the Nation at the expense of the poorest. Working Class now means working poor without hop of raising their standard of living under the oppressive financial policies.

American banks are now owned by foreign governments and are still bleeding money and on the verge of collapse, while China now has 3 of the world's top 4 banks.

The Policies of this Administration have been a complete and utter failure and have driven America down to third world status.

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