Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Democratic Debate was a Shame

The Democratic Debate of April 16, 2008 moderated by ABC's Charles Gibson and George Stephanopoulos was entertaining at most. An excessive amount of time was spent on questions that rose slightly above the level of gossip. I was expecting better questions from Mr. Gibson, a seasoned newsman, and Mr. Stephanopoulos, usually a serious inquirer. The Debate, however was kept on the gossipy level that this campaign has taken. Very few serious policy questions were asked, and very few policies were presented by the candidates.

The one chance to show unity that was given to the Candidates was met with blank stares. The Candidates were asked if they would each chose the other as a running mate to help unite the Democratic Party after the nomination was secured by one or the other, both Candidates stood staring blankly at the camera. An 8" x 10" still picture of this moment should be posted in every Democratic Party operative's office because this will be the look on every Democrat's face the day after the General election when The Republican Candidate wins because these Candidates care more about themselves than the fate of the Country and the Democratic Party.

What did we learn from the Senators during this debate? We learned that Senator Clinton has a deep devotion to her Methodist faith. This is a secular Government, a religious test is not needed in choosing a Candidate for office. What is needed is a Candidate with realistic ideas and the ability to implement them with policy.

Social Security was brought up but neither Candidate offered a fair solution. The Fair Solution would be that all wages are taxed equally, not that the tax stops for the rich. This Government was founded on the principal of equality and shared resources for all. If this Country provides an individual with the ability to make a large income, it is incumbent on that individual to pay the same tax rate as an individual that does not have the ability to make a large income. If all wages were taxed equally Social Security would not be in jeopardy and the Social Security tax rate could be lowered for all.

The Democrats failed in this debate to offer the American People any solutions to the mess that the Nation has been left with because of the failed policies of the current Administrations. The Democratic hopeful failed to address, privatization, economic collapse, rising energy costs, soaring food prices, the deficit, the blood of soldiers spilling in a useless war, the collapsing education system, health care for all, the infrastructure, the crimes of the current Administration, the failure to rebuild New Orleans, a plan for access to clean water and air, rebuilding American industries, a fair immigration policy, protecting the privacy of Americans, and the list goes on. The Candidates have failed to give any hope of change.

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