Friday, April 18, 2008

The Election is not a Sport

Yesterday on 4/17/08 Former President Clinton make comments referring to the previous night's Presidential debate towards Barack Obama, saying that this is a rough game and you shouldn't put on the uniform if you can't play rough. Mr. Clinton's contributions towards raising the standards of all classes while in office are certainly recognized. The Former President's view on the current Primary battle between Senators Clinton and Obama as a game is appalling. This election is not a game, it is of utmost seriousness.

The Nation is in peril, it is not a sporting event. The United States of America is the greatest experiment that human kind has ever undertaken in the way of Governance, and it is now in jeopardy. Our infrastructure is crumbling. Our financial system is owned by foreign governments. Our currency is in trouble on world markets. Our manufacturing capabilities have deteriorated. We are reliant on a foreign energy supply. Our education system is lagging. Our health care system is a corporate profit center. Poverty is rising. The middle class is disappearing. Our technology leadership is gone. Our service industry has been exported. Our food supply is becoming too expensive for the average family. The rights of the individual, as idealized by the Founding Fathers, have been compromised. Our privacy has been invaded by the Government that is supposed to serve us. This is hardly the stuff of games to the American People, Mr. President.

Mr. Clinton's personal involvement in this election is evident, however,his off handed comments are none the less appalling. This is not a game Mr. President. Soldiers are dying on a daily basis. One would think that the people who consider themselves the leadership of the Democratic Party would speak out forcefully and consistently against the policies and the Administration that have brought our Great Nation to the brink, but they have not.

Senator Clinton should be presenting policies and ideas about how we will get out of this morass. Instead the Clinton Campaign wants to play a game of destroying another Democrat who is appealing to the need for change that the American People are embracing. If we take the former President's remarks as representing the view of the Clinton campaign, then it is clear what they are doing, they are playing a game. The American People are bitter, this is not a game.

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