Sunday, April 6, 2008

Florida and Michigan Delegates

Now that the Democratic National Committee has punished the States of Florida and Michigan by stripping them of their Convention Delegates for the crime of moving up their Primaries, the question is now what will be done to re-enfranchise these delegates. When the punishment was handed down the powers that be in DNC did not foresee the importance of these Delegates to the process of nominating a Candidate to run for President. So now a question of fairness comes into play.

The Clinton campaign keeps putting out statements hinting that Clinton won those States. Yes, she won those States without any competition because the other Candidates stayed off the ballot as per the rules of the DNC. Only Clinton saw fit to break the rules and remain on the ballot. The Clinton Campaign can certainly not have these delegates seated based upon uncontested elections.

Howard Dean, the head of the DNC hinted on talk shows that a deal will be reached before the Convention. No deal would be appropriate. Since when does the Democratic Party make deals. Are they now Republicans, will they accept am appointment instead of an election?

The only fair "deal" is to have the DNC pay to have legal legitimate elections or caucuses in each of the punished States. If a new election is not logistically feasible then the only fair solution would be to split the Delegates based upon the percentages of the vote that the Candidates received in the other the other 48 States. To live up to the ideals of The Democratic Party an fair election is the only real solution. Mr. Dean must make this happen.

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