Friday, April 11, 2008

Headline Potpourri

On The Bush Front: The White House announced that Bush is keeping a close eye on the Airlines - I wonder if this is the same close eye that he kept on Katrina's approach. Maybe Brownie is available to head the FAA.

On The McCain Front: Nothing to report because he says nothing except more of the same. McCain will be Bush 3 - Don't let this happen, America can not afford it.

On The Clinton Front: Hillary offers nothing new and Bill defends the lies. Any ideas on the war?

On The Obama Front: Barack continues to ride a wave of popularity, but still does not talk about substantive policy changes that will have an obvious effect on reversing the current economy and the War.

On The Congressional Front: The Do nothing Congress continues to do nothing.

On The Economic Front: Consumer confidence falls to a 26 year low, this takes us back to 1982, do we remember the shape we were in in 1982? Gas hit $4.00 a gallon in Chicago. 200 dump trucks circled the Capitol to protest the price of diesel. GE reported less than stellar earnings. The Price of wheat and rice continue to rise. World hunger is growing, US poverty is rising.

On The Iraq War: Blood and Treasure continue to be wasted.

On New Orleans: People are still suffering and homeless.

On The Founding Fathers: They are rolling in their graves at the desecration of the Republic that they designed and fought for.

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