Saturday, April 12, 2008

Hello Congress - Is Anyone Home There?

The 2006 Elections gave a majority to the Democrats in Congress, although a small majority, it is still a majority with Democrats holdings all the leadership positions in both the House and The Senate. Since the Election of 2006 this Democratic led Congress has not accomplished ANYTHING. The Leadership in the House has blocked all attempts by Committees that were looking into the corruption of this Administration and has stifled any Congressman who even mentioned impeachment. If we accept the premise that hearings, indictments and impeachments would have been destructive, then this should have left time for initiative, innovation, and leadership, however, this too has failed to materialize. Truman's Congress of the late 40's was nicknamed "The Do Nothing Congress", but I think that the 109th Congress, the present Congress, has now made the 80th Congress look like the most prolific Congress the US has ever seen.

Exactly what has this Congress been working on? During the Election Cycle the Democrats that were running promised change in the Iraq War policy, no action has been taken. Private Companies still soak up billions of dollars from the US Treasury to feed and supply the US Military without any Congressional oversight.

This Congress has failed to even challenge any of the Administration's Policies let alone present alternative policies. Is the Congressional Leadership aware that Americans are drowning in debt, high energy prices, sky rocketing food prices, and usury credit. Does Rep. Pelosi and Senator Reid have any idea that the Poverty rate in American is rising at a steady and unprecedented pace, that families are losing access to health care each and every day.

The Treasure of the US has been squandered on War, while the US infrastructure deteriorates and lays wasted. We build Schools in Sada City, but not in Los Angles, build roads in Basra, but not in Detroit, we provide access to health care in Baghdad, but not in Chicago. Is this the Congress of the United Iraq or the Congress of The United States of America.

Is Congress aware that the American dollar has very little value throughout the world? That this Administration has allowed foreign countries and companies to buy up companies that are vital to Americans, do they care?

Congressman and Senators: The US Citizens expect action on:
1. Energy Innovation
2. Health Care
3. Housing
4. Education
5. The War
6. Oversight on Contracts issued to Corporations
7. Poverty
8. Hunger (that hunger still exists in America is a moral disgrace)
9. Unsavory Lending Practices
10. Foreign takeovers of America
11. Fair Immigration Policy
12. Prosecution of the lies and liars of this Administration
13. Clean water
14. Pollution
15. Fair labor Laws
There seems to be a lot that Congress can be doing, why are they doing nothing Ms. Pelosi and Mr. Reid?

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