Tuesday, April 8, 2008

The Homefront

As the Senate played word games with General David Petraeus and Ryan Crocker, the U.S. ambassador to Baghdad, the news on the home front continued to be bleak. Oil Prices rose to another record and the Energy Department's Energy Information Administration predicted that summer gasoline prices in the US will average $3.60 per gallon and peak at around $4.00 per gallon. Iran, an OPEC member wants to eliminate the US Dollar as the key currency for oil.

Food prices continue to rise, with the rice now hitting another all time high and doubling in a year. The price of rice in and of itself will not have an immediate drastic affect on the American food supply but it is an indicator of where worldwide food prices are heading, and that will drastically affect the prices on Americans.

Housing sales continue to slump. Consumers are staying hunkered down and sales are slow throughout retail.

Congress still refuses to act with the Democratic leadership still wallowing without direction.

The Presidential Candidates were content to play the word games at the Senate hearings today, so there weren't any progressive solutions offered by their campaigns.

The cost of the war continues unabated sucking the the blood and treasure of America.

It is not there aren't any solutions to the problems that we face, it is that there is no leadership in place in any branch of the Government that is willing to pursue solutions. We do not hear a sound out of our Political leadership concerning the deepening energy problem, have they heard of alternative energy, are they willing to fund innovation?

A massive alternative energy program to make America energy self-sufficient within 10 years would solve a multitude of problems. It will create jobs, it will fund education (grants to Universities for research), it will lessen the recession because new jobs will be created, it will ease America's reliance on an unstable region of the world. When will the Democratic leadership embrace, plan, and fund an alternative energy plan. Attention Congressman and Senators, it is up to you to enact an alternative energy program, take the initiative and get us on a course of Energy Self-Sufficiency immediately.

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