Thursday, April 24, 2008

John McCain

The release of John McCain's tax returns revealed some interesting facts. Senator McCain has a 100% disability claim that he receives over $50,000 a year for from the Military. There is nothing wrong with that if an individual needs the money. There is nothing wrong with a former POW accepting disability payments. What is wrong is that Senator McCain does not need the money and has consistently voted to weaken and eliminate Veteran's Benefits. Mr. McCain thinks nothing of accepting the disability money, along with his Congressional Salary, Congressional Health Care, and having an extremely wealthy wife.

Senator McCain has many recorded votes pertaining to Veterans and their benefits. Mr. McCain often votes against Bills that would improve or expand Veterans benefits. Many Veterans groups feel that Mc Cain has failed to protect the rights and benefits of the Veterans even while supporting an illegal occupation of a Sovereign Nation.

Mr. Mc Cain has to get a better understanding of how most Americans live. Any of Mc Cain's income sources would provide a good living for many American Families. Senator Mc Cain supports abolishing the Inheritance Tax, a tax which only affects the extremely wealthy such as Mc Cain's wife. The concept of an Inheritance Tax was favored by many of the Founding Fathers as a way to insure that an Aristocracy would not flourish in the United States.

Mr. Mc Cain has supported the privatization of Social Security, was opposed to offering Hurricane victims medical assistance, and fails to realize the significance of the disability program managed by the Social Security Administration. It is a nightmare for average families to receive disability benefits for a prolonged period of time unlike Senator Mc Cain who has been able to collect a lifetime of disability benefits totaling well over two million dollars.

The hypocrisy of Mr. Mc Cain's stance is not hard to understand because he is the presumptive successor to the current Administration.

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