Monday, April 7, 2008

McCain Campaign Denies Cost of Iraq War

Today, April 7,2008, John McCain's Economic Advisor Carly Fiorina, making the morning news shows was on Morning Joe, a MSNBC news and comment show, where she seriously stated that the Iraq war has no effect on gasoline prices in America. I disbelieving heard her say with my own ears that, "High fuel prices have nothing to do with the Iraq War"

Sen. McCain has already said publicly and on news video that he does not know about economics, so shouldn't the American voter expect that he would at least hire a staff of consultants that did understand something of economics. Surely ever American can understand that if America is spending $4,681 per household, $1721 per person, $341.4 million dollars per day, that the War does have an effect on energy prices, and an effect on every aspect of every America's economic survival. Because the invasion of Iraq and the embargo before that, Iraq oil production has been way down putting a strain on world oil reserves. Because the invasion of Iraq has destabilized the Middle East, the speculative oil market bids up prices according to the news of the day. Just these two facts directly effect the price of energy, yet the McCain Economic Advisor want the American People that the cost of the Iraq War does not effect the price that Americans must now pay for energy.

The Cost of war affects more than what we as Americans pay for energy, it affects all of our lives. The cost of the war is of course human, dead American Military Men and Woman, maimed American Military Men and Woman, Disabled American Military Men and Woman besides being tragic is a direct cost to Americans. The direct cost to the family members, the cost of medical care, the cost of physiological care, the costs to care for their children are all direct costs of the War in Iraq which directly is costing the American public.

The Billions of Dollars used to start and continue this war with Iraq is money that the Federal Government should have spent in America on such programs as Alternative Energy research and development, improving the infrastructure, making Health Care accessible to all Americans, rebuilding New Orleans just to name a few. If the money spent in Iraq was spent here at home there is no doubt that Americans would be better off economically.

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