Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Obama and Clinton Speak Up?

Today the two Democratic Presidential Candidates started to act like Democrats by directing their attacks towards the Republican presumed Presidential nominee John McCain. Both Clinton and Obama made mention to McCain's previous comments that he would have no problem staying in Iraq for 100 years. Although it was refreshing to see both Democratic contenders begin to highlight the difference between McCain and Democrats, they have a long way to go. They should be speaking out every day about the differences they have with John McCain and presenting the solutions that they will bring to the Presidency.

The Presidential hopefuls are not presenting any ideas that are reflective of a new direction for our battered and bruised government. Although there has to be a Madison Avenue approach to presenting a Candidate, solutions must also be presented. The Candidates would best be served by speaking about their personal solution to a particular subject that concerns us all. By presenting a new solution that shows leadership, they will also be showing the stark difference between their Republican challenger and themselves.

Senators Clinton and Obama can serve their campaigns well by making the Electorate aware of the policies that they believe need to be implemented to change the current course of America. They must talk about their ideas in regards to Energy Policy, Foreign Policy, Fiscal Policy, Education, Social Services, Health Care, Military, and Taxes. Instead of bickering, Senators, can you continue to show Democrats that there is a Candidate worth our vote.

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