Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Oil and Gas

Oil Companies reported another record quarter. American Drivers pay record prices. OPEC says to prepare for $200 per barrel oil because the dollar is worthless. Congress is sleeping. The President is counting the days. The Presidential Candidates are talking about Sunday Sermons.

Farmers are hurting now because of the rise in Diesel which they need to plow their fields. Fertilizer will be the disaster. The price of oil will cause the price of fertilizer to skyrocket, and the America farmer is now addicted to fertilizer. There will be the inevitable shortage of fertilizer first, and then when the farmers are clamoring for the product, it will become available at a premium price which the farmers will be happy to pay. The American Consumer will ultimately pay in higher food costs.

Does any Congress Member have a plan for energy solutions before the Nation collapses? President Bush says he is open to ideas. McCain and Clinton propose a gas tax holiday that will save the average driver the cost of a half a tank of gas over the course of the summer. This Nation needs an immediate and comprehensive energy plan now. The American Family and small business will collapse under the weight of the cost of energy. Where is the Congressional leadership?

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