Thursday, April 10, 2008

Retail Sales Worst in 13 Years

Today Retailers announced that their March sales were the slowest in 13 years, this would seem to contradict the spin that the Bush Administration has been touting that we are not in a recession. Yet again the Bush Administration would like to ignore the reality and live in a fantasy realm that the economy is fine.

Let's examine where we are at today April 10,2008. The American Dollar continues to fall against world currencies, oil and gas prices continue to rise, food prices are rising, unemployment (even as counted) continues to climb, while jobs held continue to loose benefits. The banking industry is in disarray with major banks stating that they were curtailing lending even as the Fed continues to bail them out with tax payer dollars. The Congressional leadership offers no solutions and pushes no real agenda for the change that they were elected to accomplish. American blood still flows in the Middle east, Military Families are still suffering at home. The Middle Class is dying, and Congress doesn't have a clue.

This Congress has deservedly earned the title , "Do Nothing Congress".

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