Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Tonight's The Night For Democrats to Unite

Tonight's featured debate between the Democratic Candidates will be the last chance that the Democrats have to unite. The bitterness of this campaign must be left behind and issues must be discussed. It is past time for the Democrats to propose an alternative to the Republican control that has gripped this Nation for the last seven years and has now led us into the quicksand of despair.

Senators Clinton and Obama must show the American People that there is an alternative and the Democratic Party is that alternative. It is a night when the Senators should check their campaigns and egos at the door and give a message of change, hope and unity. Time is running short. The McCain campaign already has a head start and they are proposing changes that appeal to the American People. If the Democrats have any hope of winning in the fall election, they must stop this petty bickering and present the ideas of change in a concise and understandable debate. The American People are ripe for change, but they can not see it with the current campaigns that Senators Clinton and Obama are running. The time for division is over, if the Senators really care about the fate of the Country they should embrace each other in tonight's debate and they should both swear an oath of Unity to the election of a Democratic President in November. The division within the Democratic Party is so deep that polls show that there are Democrats willing to vote for McCain if thier Candidate is not the Democratic Nominee. This does not bode well for a Democratic win in November.

Tonight both Senators Clinton and Obama must speak out on the woes of the Nation. Oil hit another record today on the commodity markets, and despite gasoline demand falling 1% in each of the last 4 weeks, gasoline futures are still being bid up by the speculators. Food prices are soaring, wages are stagnant, health care is in crisis, more dead soldiers in Iraq, reports of wounded and disable soldiers lacking quality care fills the papers, there are enough issues to discuss, without personality attacks.

Issues, issues, and more issues is what the Senators need to highlight tonight, and solutions, solutions, solutions must be presented. The roots of the Democratic Party has been to carry the vision of the liberal fore fathers to fruition, it is time to get back to the ideals of the founding fathers. The ideas that founded this Government were born in the age of Enlightenment, the Democratic Party must continue in this tradition or all is lost. This Government was founded on the ideal that the Government should be the servant of the Society which it governs. Tonight the Senators must show the American People that they understand that, and if it requires that there egos be deflated to save the Republic, then that is what they must do.

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