Thursday, May 15, 2008

Bush Does it Again

Today George W. Bush representing the Presidency of the United States of America addressed the Israeli Keenest in honor of Israeli's 60Th Anniversary. Unfortunately Mr. Bush was speaking as President of the United States and engaged in partisan politics throughout the speech. In a veiled reference to Senator Obma's statement that he would engage in dialogue with other countries including Iran, Mr. Bush stated that " Some seem to believe that we should negotiate with terrorist and radicals as if some ingenious argument will persuade them that they have been wrong all along" The Some in this statement is obviously a political attack against Senator Obama's statement that he was willing to negotiate with all governments in the pursuit of peace over war.

Besides taking this political fight over seas Mr. Bush twisted the platform of Senator Obama, he has never said that he would negotiate with terrorist. Mr. Bush then went on to tell how this policy of diplomacy was wrong, he invoked the Nazi invasion of Poland as answer to those who sought to appease almost as if casting himself as Winston Churchill in 1939 and Senator Obama as Chamberlain. Today the President of the United States brought the pol tics of fear to a foreign country while celebrating the anniversary of that countries independence.

The presidency of the United States will be guided by undisguised politics for the remaining months of this Administration.

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