Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Bush Warns of Iraq Disaster

President Bush gave an interview to Politico and Yahoo News in the Oval Office today. In the interview Bush expressed concern about leaving an unfinished war to a Democrat successor. Bush warned that a Democratic Plan to withdrawn from Iraq would create a disaster in the region. These statements bring to mind a flood of questions:

1. Isn't the Iraqi Occupation already a disaster?
2. Are we to believe based upon Bush's handling of the Iraqi Occupation, and he is a Republican, that it would only reason that the Nation would want another Republican to be in charge of the continued occupation?
3. Didn't the invasion of a Sovereign nation and the execution of their elected President already cause a disaster in the region?

It is obvious from the statements in this interview that the Republicans will seek to instill fear in the electorate as they did in the previous Presidential election. The Republicans have already called upon their key fear monger to start oiling up the propaganda engines for John McCain. The campaign will obviously seek to highlight the unfinished work in Iraq and the potential for Iraq to become a terrorists haven if the U.S. Military were to leave. The key kink in this argument postulated by the Commander in Chief is that Iraq was not a base for terrorist before the invasion by the U.S. Military. The Elected leader of Iraq ran the Country with an iron fist and did not allow terrorism to take hold because he was a secularist. He was not a religious fanatic who believed that the United States was a great Satan. All three factions of Iraq that are now fighting a Civil War against each other and the U.S. Military were all held in check by the former Government of Iraq, the one that was overthrown by the invasion of Iraq by the United Sates, under the the propaganda administration of Republican G.W. Bush. Terrorists stayed out of Iraq before the invasion because they feared the Iraqi Government.

The invasion of Iraq not only destabilized Iraq, but it also destabilized the entire region. The instability in Iraq caused by the overthrow of its government emboldened the neighboring government of Iran to pursue a revolutionary agenda on the world stage. Iraq was a natural enemy of Iran and kept the Iranian government on alert thus keeping them to busy to foment their fanatical religious agenda. For Mr. Bush to suggest that another Republican Administration would be the right choice to continue the wrong choice in Iraq is ludicrous to say the least. Hopefully, a majority of the American public can now see through the propaganda war machine and find these arguments unacceptable during the Presidential Election of 2008.

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