Tuesday, May 6, 2008

The Bush/Cheney Oil Program

The Bush/Cheney Administration seems not to care that the rise in oil prices will cause economic collapse throughout the land. Remember in the the first Presidential debate against Al Gore in response to what he would do about the oil crunch, Bush Said " I'm an oil man, I know how to jawbone with the Saudis". Well America is sure glad he is good at jawboning.

What is causing the rise in oil and gasoline prices? The media point towards a rise in world demand, the falling dollar, not enough refineries, world instability and sudden spikes are blamed on weather. All of these reasons are factors in the rise in oil and gas. The main reason for the U.S. is the failure of this administration to have a cohesive energy policy and the failure to negotiate with the oil producers. When Hugo Chavez offered gasoline to the U.S. , the Bush Administration rudely declined because Chavez is not a member of their club. George W. Bush walks around the Rose Garden of the White House holding hands with the crown Prince of Saudi Arabia, the largest oil producer in the world, but yet there is no co-operation between the Saudis and the U.S. to boost production.

The Second Largest Oil reserve sits under Iraq. The U.S. now occupies Iraq and has installed a puppet government. Iraq will reap trillions of dollars from the oil it sits on. Where does this oil go, and why are they not paying for their own security? Trillions of U.S. dollars have gone to rebuilding Iraq, establishing the government of Iraq, and the security of Iraq. Why does the U.S. Military have to buy oil and gas in Iraq at market prices. Shouldn't the Bush administration negotiate an agreement to repay us with oil.

This Administartion is run by oilmen, they do not have a desire to see the price of oil and gas go down, it is in their interest for oil and gas to continue to rise. It also helps their other objective, the destruction of the middle class.

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