Sunday, May 25, 2008

Bush's War on Memorial Day 2008

Thanks to the Bush-Cheney War of aggression against Iraq, this Memorial Day Americans will honor over 4,000 Military Personnel who gave their lives in service to the United States Military in a war of Colonization perpetrated by the Bush-Cheney-Republican Administration. Over 4,000 American Families will suffer the memories of their family members lost in an illegal invasion launched by the Bush-Cheney-Republican Administration lies and deceptions. The Democrats are not blameless in this Bush-Cheney-Republican war, the only Senator to vote against giving the power to invade to the Republican War Mongers was Senator Paul Wellstone who is now dead from a plane crash shortly after the vote.

Two of three Senators running for President also voted in the affirmative to give the Republican invaders the authority to launch an invasion against a Sovereign Nation with a duly elected President and government. Senators Clinton and McCain both voted for the War in Iraq.

This Memorial day as most Americans are forced to cut back on Holiday trips due to the economic catastrophe that the Bush War has caused to the American economy 4000 more American Families are mourning the loss of loved ones thanks to the lies of G.W. Bush and his minions. During the debate with Al Gore, Mr. Bush told the American People he knew how to deal with the oil producing countries because he was an oilman. He said he would jawbone with them to keep a secure affordable oil price. Judging by the current price of oil it seems that Mr. Bush is not much of a jaw boner and not much of an oilman. That only goes along with him being not much of a President.

To the American Families who have lost a member of their family to the Bush War all of America mourns with you.

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