Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The Democratic Party Platform

Now that Senator Barack Obama is the presumptive Democratic Party Nominee for President of the United States of America, the Party must present a Platform on which to run their Nominee. The Party should be aware of the key issues that the Citizenry is expressing interest in and are looking for solutions for. Any Platform that fails to address the issues that pulled Senator Obama through the Primary process will be deficient.

The Democratic Party must present a platform that will enhance and further the liberal tradition of the founding Fathers. The Founding fathers envisioned a Government that would secure the rights of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. To bring these ideals into reality the Democratic Platform must address the immediate and the future. The Platform must present the Democratic Vision of Governance, not the Public Relations talking points of a media campaign. Any failure by the Democratic Platform to put a realistic platform under the feet of their Nominee will enable the Republican Propaganda machines to place phony issues in front of the American Electorate through their PAC's and right wing forced pregnancy supporting talk show hosts.

The dialogue that the Democratic Party must bring to the voters via their platform must include viable and achievable goals that will translate into a secure future for all. The Liberals who founded this nation believed that the formation of the Government should be based upon an ideal that the Government will serve the needs of the people, and that the government would provide an equal and just environment for the citizens to enable those Citizens to pursue their individual dreams and aspirations.

The Democratic Platform must forcefully address all of the issues that the current Administration have thrust upon the Nation and all the issues that will again make this Country the World Leader in innovation, ingenuity and quality.

The Democratic Platform should address the Middle East Occupation by the American Military, assertive regulations and oversight on Banking, Commodity, Trading, Insurance, Stock Trading, and Consumer Loans. The Democratic Platform must present concrete solutions on the withdrawal of American Troops from occupied countries and a plan on how and when this will be achieved.

The Democrats should also resolve to investigate the past corruption that has strangled the Federal Government since the beginning of this Administration, so that the damage repairable and irreparable that has been done to the people of this Nation shall not be forgotten and that a blazing light is shone upon the Designers, Deciders, Implementers , Profiteers, Thieves, Pilferers, Liars, War Mongers, and Destroyers of the last seven years.

The Democratic must address and have goals to achieve sustainable, renewable energy to the Nation without dependence on foreign sovereign nations that can suck the destroy the America economic system with the rate of oil production. They Democratic Party Platform should address the fact that the Government founded on the principals of the Age of Enlightenment and for the good of all will continue to find solutions for Health Care for all, Education for All, gainful employment for all, and a Nation at Peace. It should address a Real Tax Reform, Social Security Solvency, and Veterans Services.

The message of change is an easy message to deliver with an eloquent speaker, but the real test will come when that change must be presented. In the last seven years the American People have watched their growing, prosperous, Nation descend into the hell of a foreign occupation and the stealing of the National Treasure by Private Corporations with the help and blessings of their Republican Counterparts in The White House and Congress.

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