Monday, May 5, 2008

Democrats and Fox News

The Democratic Candidates have decided that Fox News is a legitimate forum for the discussion of campaign issues. First Senator Clinton gives a sit down interview to the factor, and then Senator Obama appears. What can the Democrats gain by appearing on a network that is a propaganda arm of the Republican Party. There is only one show on the entire Network that might present news, Studio B, hosted by Shepard Smith, and even that show does not have news in the title because there is a fair amount of the Fox News Skew on there also.

One of the worst offenders on the Network is The factor hosted by Bill O'Riely. Mr. O'Reily often makes up his own facts and presents them as true. Are the Democrats looking for the crossover vote in the primaries that do not have affiliate voting? The majority of the crossover vote is happening because the right wing radio hosts are encouraging their Republican lemmings to vote for Mrs. Clinton to keep the Democrats at a disadvantage by not having a presumptive nominee. By keeping the Democratic nomination battle brewing the Republicans see this as a way to make the Democrats expend their money and energy fighting each other instead of focusing of the problems of the Nation that has been caused by the worst 7 years in American Government. Even the Hoover Administration did not do the damage that this administration has done to the Nation.

The reasoning behind Democrats appearing on such a network does two things immediately, it gives legitimacy to the Fox News Network, and it makes the Democrats appearing to be buffoons willing to engage in the propaganda game of this Network. This Network is not the place to present any objective solution to any of the Nation's problem. The focus of this Network is to create gossip and phony issues, such as the Rev. Wright Sermons. Nothing can be gained by any Democrat by appearing on the Fox News Network.

Today's Tidbit
124 Returning Vets a month are committing suicide as reported by Iraq Veterans against the War.

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