Friday, May 30, 2008

Drill Here Not A Solution

Newt Gingrich has launched a Web Site called " American Solutions For Winning The Future". This Web Site has launched a petition campaign called, Drill Here, Drill Now, in which they are petitioning the Congress to open up more drilling land to the Oil Companies. Mr. Gingrich states on the Web Site in the Welcome letter that this is a bi-partisan group of Americans working for solutions for the future of American, yet if you look at the list of donors, also available on the Web Site you will notice that the contributors and supporters of this group are all Republicans and State Republican Parties.

Starting with the Drill Here, Drill Now campaign the reader will notice that all of the platforms that this Site is advocating are all Republican ideals. Mr. Gingrich claims that by the Federal Government allowing drilling on Public Lands this will somehow lead to a solution of the energy crisis. As is well known the desire to have oil companies drill on public lands has been a pet project of the Bush Administration since the day they took over the Executive Branch, this is one of the reasons that the Bush Administration has failed to introduce a cohesive National Energy Program. Mr. Gingrich states on the Web Site that drilling for oil will immediately alter the price of gasoline. This is a typical Republican tactic of appealing to the fears of the American People with false hope. Drilling for more oil is not a long term solution or a solution for the future. The energy crisis in American needs to be addressed on a number of alternative energy fronts. massive government funding of Alternative Energy Research and Development is needed, not a continuation of the same policies.

On this Web Site, Mr. Gingrich states that if you agree with three principals than you should support the American Solutions Movement, as he calls it. The three Principals that he quotes are:

Einstein: "Insanity is when you think that doing more of what you are already doing will lead to a different outcome."

Eisenhower: "When I can't solve a problem I always make it bigger until I can find a solution. I can never find a solution by trying to make it smaller."

"Real change requires real change."

Taking them one at a time the reader can see that Mr. Gingrich has distorted these "principals" to fit his solutions. Take the Einstein quote, what we are already doing is drilling for oil, so by drilling for more oil we will not have a different outcome. The Eisenhower quote does not fit his Drill Here, Drill now mantra because more drilling will only ease the problem temporarily, what will solve the problem is massive alternative energy research, development and installation.
The third principal of real change, again beckons for an alternative energy solution.

Throughout the Web Site Mr. Gingrich quotes polls that represent that over 90% of the American People agree with the solutions that he is presenting without referencing who was polled. It would seem that only those with known like views would have been those polled for 90% plus to agree, have you ever seen a poll in America where 90% plus people agree?

Let us remember that Newt Gingrich was the pusher of the "Contract with America" and the Republican revolution that landed us in the positions that we now find our Country embroiled in, loss of the middle class, growing poverty, unaffordable energy, a useless wasteful occupation of a Sovereign Nation, Tax cuts for the wealthy, a loss of health insurance, a minimum wage that can not sustain a family and a Republican Administration that has failed on every level, including protecting the Constitutional Rights that the Country was founded upon. Mr. Gingrich's "American Solutions for Winning the Future" is nothing more than another Republican Propaganda tool to prey upon the fears of the American People.

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