Thursday, May 29, 2008

Get McClellan Under Oath

In the fervor over the Scott McClellan book, What Happened, the Congressional Leadership should get Mr. McClellan under oath before Congressional Committees. It is imperative that this man's recollections be recorded before there are any more distortions by the Republican propaganda machine. Obviously there is too much truth in Mr. McClellan's book for the Republicans to bear, they have reached into the third and fourth layers of the propaganda machine to insure that an Administration spokesperson is seen on every television station and heard on every radio station trying to discredit Mr. McClellan and his recollections.

It is of vital importance that the Congress get sworn statements from Mr. McClellan for future references as the Congress pursues the investigation that led to the Iraq Invasion and Occupation. The knowledge that Mr. McClellan possesses about the inner circle of the Republican Administration occupying the Executive Branch is vital in pursuing the facts of the misused or made up intelligence that was used by the Administration to push America into the Iraq Invasion.

Mr. McClellan's creditability will be under a barge of attack from the Republican inner circle. His statements must be taken under oath as soon as possible to mute the slander and accusations against him. This Congress has failed act on a multitude of issues of vital importance to the American People, now there is an issue that affects the integrity of the Republic, will they act?
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