Monday, May 12, 2008

John McCain the Lobbyists’ Candidate

John McCain’s handpicked Republican Coordinator, John Goodyear resigned after news broke that he lobbied for the repressive military regime of Myanmar, formerly Burma. Mr. Goodyear is the CEO of the DCI lobbying firm DCI which lobbied on behalf of the Myanmar Junta. Also resigning for ties to the same Washington, D.C lobbying firm DCI was John Davenport. These are not the only two lobbyists that are on the Senior Staff of the John McCain for President Campaign Staff. Super Lobbyist Charlie Black is also a senior adviser and spokesman for the McCain Campaign. Mr., Black is head of BKSH and considered to be one of the most effective influence peddlers in Washington, D, C, Mr. Black’s client list is a virtual who’s who of the largest Telecom, and Oil Corporations in the world.

Mr. McCain has already deflected one lobbying scandal involving a major Telecom lobbyist, Vicki Iseman, who lobbied on behalf of Paxson Communications. Paxson Communication through Vicki Iseman provided the McCain for President 2000 campaign the lavish Boeing 737 owned by the Christian broadcasters. Oddly enough this was the exact same plane that was used to fly the Saudi Riyal family out of the U.S.A. after 9/11/01, at a time when not other plane was allowed to fly through U.S. Airspace, the Paxson plane was allowed to pick up members of the Saudi Royal Family in Las Vegas and fly them safely out of the Country along with members of the bin Laden family. If this isn’t an odd coincidence, how about Jack Abramoff acting as travel agent to facilitate the connection between the Paxson Plane and the Royal Family.

The list of John McCain Campaign staffers that are still registered lobbyists numbers more than 20 at any given time. Senators McCain’s Senate Office has also employed numerous lobbyists throughout his years in the Senate, including an office chief of staff who was a lobbyist, then the office chief of staff than a lobbyist again, a seamless entry and exit and through Senator McCain’s Office. The McCain Senate Office spends over a million dollars a year of staff salary that includes employees who move between the Senators office to the streets of K Street.

Senator McCain relies on the lobbyists and former corporate CEO’s to give him the policies and issues that he addresses as he campaigns. With the inner circle campaign staff over saturated with paid corporate lobbyists who think nothing of representing murderous military regimes what can the American People expect from a McCain Presidency?

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