Saturday, May 31, 2008

Let the Campaign Begin

The upcoming week should finally resolve who will be the Democratic nominee for President. The Democratic nominee has a lot of ground to cover, McCain has been campaigning for weeks without opposition, while the Democrats have been still fighting amost each other. Hopefully, whichever Democrat becomes the nominee will begin a campaign of issues immediatley and not get sucked into the politics of antagoism that the Republicans would prefer.

From the past couple of weeks it has become obvious the kind of campaign that the Republicans will run. They will run a campaign of fear and distortion. It is incumbent upon the Democratic Candidate to raise the level of the campaign to one of issues and solutions. The Democratic Nominee must engage the American Electorate with interesting and viable solutions to the economic instability that has gripped the middle class, working class and poverty stricken. The Democratic Candidate must address the energy issue with a long range cohesive plan that will ween the American economy from the burning of fossil fuels to one that will lead the world in alternative renewable energy sources. A viable energy plan will help the economy with new jobs in new industries.

The Democratic Platform must include a revamping of banking, lending and credit regulations including the reinstating of Usury Laws. The Democratic Nominee must assure the American People that if elected he or she will push for a National Health Plan without interference from corporate lobbyists and that the plan will be the same quality plan that Congress has for their members, those representing the People should not have more than the people they represent.

The biggest hindrance that the Democratic Nominee will encounter is convincing The People that we will also have a working Congress that will go into session with the new President and move necessary legislation through expeditiously. This will be especially hard because of the inaction and lack of leadership from the current Congressional members.

At every turn the Democratic Nominee must be able to withstand the Republican attack and propaganda machine with fresh, attainable, cohesive and concise plans with achievable goals.
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