Saturday, May 24, 2008

McCain Likes Bush Money But Not Him

The McCain Campaign has quietly scaled down some fund raisers featuring President Bush and have closed them to the Press. Senator McCain will try to walk the tight rope of needing Bush's fund raising prowess among wealthy Republicans and distancing himself from the most unpopular President in American History for the remainder of the campaign.

The McCain fundraisers are officially closed to the press presumably so that there will not be public exposure of McCain and Bush together. McCain realizes that the majority of the American People see this President as a failure and blame him for the uncertain turn that their economic life has taken.

The House and Senate candidates will be in the same predicament, they will need the massive amount of money that the President can still generate from the Party faithful but they will not want to be linked to him or his policies. It will be the Democratic Party's job to constantly link these candidates to the President and his policies if they wish to make inroads into the Independent voters and the soft Republican voters. A lot of these voters not particularly loyal to the Republican Party will eventually vote for a third party candidate such as Bob Barr, the Democrats will be hoping that these voters can be turned off to McCain and the incumbent Republicans by linking them to the failed policies of the Bush Administration.

If the Democrats hope to make a sweeping victory of both the Presidency and the Congress they will have to keep their message clear, America is failing because of the Bush Policies that these incumbent Republicans pushed through the Congress without scrutiny. Policies that have demolished the middle class, raised insurance premiums, raised banking fees, raised credit loans, raised the price of energy and squandered the Treasury of the People.

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