Saturday, May 10, 2008

McCain Plays the Politics of Fear

The Republican Presidential Campaign of John McCain has shown their hand this past week, they will use the politics of fear that they learned so well from the Bush Administration. John McCain actually had the audacity to say that Hamas supports Senator Barack Obama in his quest for the Presidency. How exactly does John McCain know that Hamas supports a Presidential Candidate in an American election? The McCain people learned well from the Bush propaganda machine which claimed that al-Qaeda supported the John Kerry Candidacy. The Bush Campaign actually attributed their knowledge that al-Qaeda supported John Kerry by virtue of a poll that was conducted throughout the al-Qaeda world. The American people were expected to believe that a pollster walked up to al-Qaeda members and said, “so who do you support in the election for US President?” Now we are asked to believe that Hamas is supporting Senator Obama.

The past seven years the American Public has been kept in check and manipulated by the fear of terrorism, the ever present danger that the Bush Administration was protecting the Nation from. As the election drew near the Bush/Cheney team claimed that the Nation would come under attack if a Democratic Administration was elected. The People were expected to believe the Bush administration could protect the public from a terrorist attack, but not A Kerry/Edwards Administration. The Bush/Cheney campaign went so far as to have their Homeland Security Department raise and the threat level for a terrorist attack any time that the polls were unfavorable to their campaign. The tactic worked; every time the threat level was raised the Bush/Cheney ticket had a bump in the polls. So like Pavlov’s dog the Bush/Cheney campaign could instill fear on command.

Let us not forget that the only large “terrorist attack” happened to this Country while a Republican, G.W. Bush was the President. It is hard to realize why the American public would react favorably towards the Bush team when threatened by an attack, when the deadliest attack happened under the Bush Administration’s watch.

The McCain Campaign does not have the direct ability to have the Homeland Security Department issue threats on command but they have the indirect ability through party affiliation. The American Public should not fall for this mind control again, The Democrats must keep driving home the point that 9/11 warnings, clear and concise warnings were issued by the International Intelligence Community and the Bush Administration still failed to respond leading to the attack. The Democrats must be ready to respond to the politics of fear with facts.

9/11 happened during a Republican Administration. The underlying reason why the Arab Community railed against the U.S.A was because of the actions of a Republican Administration, the building of U.S. Military bases on soil that the Arabs considered sacred land. The response that has led us to the quagmire of Iraq is based upon false Republican lies. The American People cannot afford to be misled again by the false assertion that McCain is the Big Daddy who can protect America from a terrorist attack. If the threat of terrorism is real, the terrorist could not care about the Presidential Election cycle unless they are profiting in some way. The American Electorate should be cognoscente that the Republicans have consistently used the politics of fear as an instrument of manipulation. Vote for your best interest, only the top 2% of the American public are in the best interest of a Republican candidate on the level of John McCain, a candidate who has admitted in public and on tape that he doesn’t know much about the economy, doesn’t know much about foreign affairs, but who supports an endless war in Iraq that diverts the treasure of American to corporate mercenaries.

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