Monday, May 26, 2008

Memorial Day 2008

Each year that the Bush Administration has held the reigns of power Memorial Day has had more dead to remember. This administration has added to the dead that Americans memorialize for an invasion based on lies, phony intelligence and deception, and continues to occupy a Sovereign Nation based upon the same lies and deception. As President Bush participated in the solemn ceremony at the tomb of the Unknowns today at Arlington National Cemetery did it cross his mind that over 4,000 American Military Personnel died in the mistake we call the Bush War?

This Memorial Day 2008 the number of those who served in World War II are dwindling at a rapid pace. The World War II generation fought a Noble Cause that truly protected the freedoms that are enjoyed throughout the World. It is a grave injustice to those who fought in World War II to have the generation of their grandchildren dying in an unjust war of aggression perpetrated by the Bush-Cheney Republican Administration. It was an aggression upon Sovereign Nations that the World War II generation stopped with their brave and sacrificial heroism, now their grandchildren are asked to be the aggressors and occupiers of a Sovereign Nation. An occupation that the American people are opposed to by a massive majority. When told that 71% of the American People oppose the occupation by the United States Military, Vice President Cheney responded, "So". That is the most poignant statement that has been made by the Republican President and Vice President in these seven and half years of their occupation of Washington, D.C. Within that 71% of the American People are some of the survivors of military service in World War II, many survivors of the occupation of Korea and Viet Nam, so the Vice Presidents response is "So", in other words he does not care what the Americans who are Veterans of American Wars thinks about the current policy of occupation.

This Bush-Cheney Republican War will continue unabated as long as this Administration is allowed to control the agenda. The American People elected a Democratic controlled Congress to no avail. The Congress has not accomplished anything in regards to changing the course of the blood and treasure of the United States being wasted in a war of aggression and an occupation of a Sovereign Nation. We would have to assume that the Democratic Congress has the same response as Mr. Cheney when told that 71% of the American People opposed the occupation of Iraq. "So".

So this Memorial Day 2008 Americans memorialized those that died in military uniform in Service to the Nation, for a just or unjust cause. It is not those who wear the uniform that are the cause of unjust American Military aggression, but those that from time to time are able to invade and occupy the seat of power of the United States Government.

This Memorial Day the American People should also have memorialized the principals and ideals that the fore fathers founded this Nation upon that are currently under siege by the Corporate occupiers of our Government. As the celebration of Independence Day 2008 draws near Americans should remember the principals upon which the Great Experiment, The United States of America, was founded upon and strive to insure that this experiment is carried forward for the succeeding generation to experience.

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