Sunday, May 4, 2008

Obama Speaks at Jefferson Jackson Dinner

Tonight, May 4, 2008, Senator Obama spoke at The Jefferson Jackson Dinner in Indiana and hit some policy home runs. Senator Obama talked about all the right policies and gave hope to his battered campaign. Senator Obama covered topics ranging from the high energy costs caused by the failed policy of the Bush Administration and about making a major investment as a Country into Alliterative Energy.

Mr. Obama covered the failures of the unfunded school mandates such as the failing Bush Policy of no child left behind. He spoke about using the money being squandered in a unjust war in Iraq and using that money to rebuild the infrastructure of our own Country.

An articulate Senator Obama eased from topic to topic always sticking with solutions for the problems and even sounded a call once issued by President Kennedy, a call for Americans to get involved and volunteer for such programs as the Peace Corp.

In his 31 minute speech Senator Obama spoke about making America Great again by uniting the people uniting and working towards solutions for a better America instead of bickering over non-issues. Hopefully Mr. Obama can deflect the baseless attacks of the opposition campaigns and the corporate media long enough to have the platform from which to present the solutions that the U.S. so desperately needs after the last seven years of lies, corruption and pillaging of the Bush Administration.

Barack Obama's campaign took a hard knock by the media creating a negative over the Rev, J, Wright's comments and their association with Senator Obama. Although Rev. Wright's comments had nothing to do with ideals and ideas of the Senator Obama, the media tried to squash his campaign by forcing the beliefs upon the Obama Campaign. Tonight Senator Obama was able to brush off this attack by the corporate media and deliver an inspired speech dealing with the real issues, high energy, loss of America Jobs, Health Care, expanding technology to create equal access across the nation to broadband, to funding schools, the infrastructure, energy innovation and the goodness and ingenuity of the America People.

On the Whole Senator Obama was again able to raise the discourse of this election to a level that is worthy of the highest office in the land. Mr. Obama offers solutions and viable ideas that will lift America up from the morass of failures of the past seven years. Senator Obama Speech was a mix of ideas, goals and practical solutions. Hopefully the level of the campaign dialogue can be raised above the level of gossip and innuendo that has been going on for the last couple of months of this campaign. The Only semblance of an attack was when Senator Obams criticized the gas tax holiday scheme endorsed by Senators McCain and Clinton, and when he reminded the audience that Senator McCain would be a continuation of the Bush Administration failures.

Senator Obama is a shinning star in the dark sky of Political discourse.

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