Sunday, May 18, 2008

Out of Gas

CNN is running a special called "Out of Gas" in which they present a chilling scenario of a major oil disruptions to the United States. A disruption that causes truckers to park their trucks leaving store shelves empty, major stores closing their doors and leading to a food shortage throughout the country. Although this is a fictional scenario it is one that can easily happen because of the U.S. dependence on oil.

The show goes on to show Brazil's solution, making ethanol out of sugar cane. During the oil crisis of the 1970's the Brazilian economy was crippled and thanks to the foresight of the Brazilian leaders at they time they were determined to never be in that situation again. At the same time the U.S. politics decided to do nothing to mitigate the forthcoming crisis in the U.S.

Is the U.S. lack of planing and determination caused by the Politics or the lack of leadership? At this point it really doesn't matter, the point that matters is that in 2008 the political leaders in America still do not have a plan, the foresight or the gumption to break away from a fossil fuel economy and switch as quickly as possible to an economy based on renewable resources. Now, as the CNN Show" Out of Gas" highlights we are in a crisis. The current Presidential candidates must present a viable solution to switching the Nation to renewable resources that can be accomplished within the decade. Goals must be set and met, 10% renewable energy in 2009, 20% in 2010 and finally reaching 100% renewable energy.

The Congress must wake up and take up the energy issue now before Americans reach the crisis as described in the CNN show " Out of Gas". The lobbyists must be escorted out of Congress and the Congress must work on a solution now. We are almost "Out of Gas".

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