Saturday, May 17, 2008

The Republican Spiral

The Republican Party under the leadership of G.W. Bush and their presumptive Presidential nominee appear to be spiraling downward and cannot keep their vengeance, hatred and fear mongering beneath the surface. This week saw the President bring partisan American politics overseas where he gave a speech distorting the Democratic Policy of negotiating with sovereign governments. Mr. Bush chooses to say that the policy is to negotiate with terrorist, and McCain took up the mantra and repeated the same thing. There is a big difference between negating with a terrorist group and a government elected by the people being governed. This is a difference that the Bush Administration could not distinguish when they decided to invade Iraq.

President Bush also paid a visit to his kissing buddies the Saudi Royals who told him no more oil production their profit margin is just right, thank you. Nineteen of the twenty-one 9/11 hijackers were from Saudi Arabia, yet the Bush Administration decided to invade Iraq, even though none of the hijackers were from Iraq, and the government of Iraq was a secular government.

It is hard to comment on the views of Mr. McCain in regards to Iraq, the Saudis, Oil and Iran because he changes his stated policy so often this would have to be an hourly blog. In the latest McCain Iraq fantasy he said that the war would be over in a few years and that the troops would return by 3013 under a McCain Presidency, whereas a few short weeks ago he was on the trail saying that the United States would be in Iraq for 100 years.

The Republican Congressional Candidates are worried that they will be tied to the Bush Policies which they passed and supported so they are in the mist of denying their relationship and undying support for the failed policies of the Bush Administration in hopes that the American People do not remember that they are just as guilty for the failed policies as Bush himself. Hopefully the American People will be reminded every time they see a Republican Elephant that the Republicans have destroyed the economic stability of the middle class. The Republican Policies of the last eight years have allows insurance companies to unjustly raise premiums, added the phony terrorist insurance that they collect a new premiums for, allowed the credit card banks to charge loan sharking rates to debtors, have allowed excessive late charges, over limit charges, have made it more difficult to file bankruptcy and have enabled the manipulation of the mortgage and oil markets.

In every aspect of governing the Republican policies have been a failure, and the Democratic majority in Congress in the last two years has been still, they have not enacted any substantive legislation that would begin to change the failure of governing that has happened in the last seven and a half years. With only a couple of months to go before the next major election you would think that the Democratic Congressional leadership would put forth some kind of legislation that would insure the integrity and traceability of the ballot, but they have done nothing because under the lack of leadership of Senator Reid and Representative Pelosi the Congress has been the biggest do nothing Congress in the history of the Republic. Senator Obama better be a strong candidate because his colleague in the Congress will be of no help to him, they do not have record to rub on they have done nothing.

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