Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Scott McClellan Cracks the Amour

The Scott McClellan book, What Happened, is the the beginning of the end for the lies and distortion perpetrated on The American People by The Republican Bush/Cheney Administration. It is a wonder that it took this long for a member of the Bush inner circle to have a pang of conscious. It must have been hard for Scott McClellan to sleep at night knowing that the death of over 4,000 American Service Personnel have died in a war based on lies, and McClellan obviously knew they were lies unlike most of the American People who could only believe that they were lies.

Scott McClellan was a darling of the Republican Bush/Cheney Administration during the time of his service, now however within hours of the release of the excerpts the Republic attack machine was in full force calling McClellan a liar, an opportunist, unpatriotic and heaven forbid, " a liberal". The Republican propaganda machine was quick to have their right wing neo-con fanatical talk show hosts call McClellan every name they could think of without even reading the book. The big blow heart right wing neo-con talk show darling of the Bush Administration took a call from a caller named Darla, who equated the McClellan book to treason, the talk show host agreed but cautioned it was more than that it was liberalism. The two went so far as to say that the Scott McClellan book would embolden our enemies. Wow..... to think that a book written by a press secretary would embolden our enemies to take action against us. They then went on to talk about the freedoms in this country that will be lost because the enemy would be emboldened by the McClellan Book and then we would lose our freedoms to a conquering enemy.

The Enemy within, who has has occupied the seat of government for the last seven and a half years have relieved the American people of more freedoms than any outside enemy ever has. It is not treason to have a discussion of policy, especially policy that 72% of the American People disagree with. It is not treason to speak the truth no matter how damaging it may be to the sitting Administration. In fact according to Thomas Jefferson it is not only the right but the duty of the People to speak out against the policies that are not favored by the People.

Scott McClellan is a true Patriot for speaking out, he was committing treason when he was lying to the Press for The Bush Administration.
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