Thursday, May 22, 2008

Senate Leaders

Where are the Senate leaders. The three major remaining Presidential Candidates are all sitting U.S Senators. The three of them are crisis crossing the Country telling the American People that they posses the leadership qualities to turn the American future around, yet they have the power as sitting U.S. Senators to propose legislation now. None of the three have proposed any significant legislation to deal deal with any of the current crisis plaguing the American citizen now.

None of the three sitting U.S. Senators running for President have stood up in the Senate and proposed any meaningful legislation dealing with, Veterans after care, energy crunch, usury laws, war policy, alternative energy funding and implementation, reforming FEMA, or rebuilding a stricken American City, New Orleans. What kind of leadership are they proposing when they have the power to lead now, and they are not doing it.

The Democratic Senate leadership has failed to propose and push through any significant legislation reversing the failed policies of the past seven and a half years. The excuse that is often floated in the Media is that they do not have a big enough majority to push the legislation through the Congress and override a Presidential veto so they do not attempt any legislation.

Leaders would push the issue out into the spot light and let the pressures of the majority sway the Republicans with public opinion. The Congress must act on matters of immediate importance, when the tax rebate checks dry up shortly, the economic future of the American hourly worker is looking very bleak.

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