Friday, May 9, 2008

Senator Clinton Betrays the Democratic Party

The Democratic objective is to win the White House, something that Senator Clinton seems to have forgotten along the way. Senator Clinton is making comments aimed at separating the Democratic base from the party. What exactly is her objective? As a Democratic it would seem prudent to campaign on the issues that will unite a broad base of voters not to fragment them. Senator Clinton’s comments that white working class people will not vote for Senator Obama in the general election. Senator Clinton’s strategy to win the nomination now seems to be a divide and conquer policy, which is not appropriate amongst Democrats. The Democratic Party has always been the party of that united very different segments of the population to win elections. Mrs. Clinton seems hell bent on destroying this tradition. Throughout the primaries Mrs. Clinton’s campaign has consistently used negative campaigning whenever polls have leaned against her, now that it seems inevitable that Senator Obama will survive to capture the Democratic nomination, Mrs. Clinton seems to have throw all morals to the wind and views the nomination of Senator Obama as an affront to her ego. This strategy only proves one thing and that is that Senator Clinton cares more about the trappings of the Presidency than she does about the Welfare of the Nation.
Every Democrat should be offended by the recent statements of Mrs. Clinton, they are not statements that reflect the values of the Democratic Party and should not be tolerated by the constituency or the leadership of the Democratic Party. The Democratic Party holds the value that all are welcome regardless of any differences. Mrs. Clinton continued use of Republican tactics in trying to put the nomination into chaos is a sure fired way to insure that the Democratic nominee will have a tough chance of being elected. Mrs. Clinton has filled the cannons of the republican attack machine with ammunition that they will surely aim at Senator Obama during the General Election. One would hope that white working class people would not vote against their own interest by voting for the continuation of the Bush policies that have laid the foundation for a two class structure in America, the super wealthy and the struggling poor. The way to win the nomination of the Democratic Party is to offer a message of hope and a plan of solutions. Obviously Senator Clinton has not offered such a message to the Democrats that voted in the nominating process otherwise she would be the presumptive nominee.

Yes, the battle for the nomination is a positive for the Democratic Party, but only if it is based on issues that can offer hope and solutions to a broad spectrum of the America People who have been cast aside in the last seven and a half years in favor of the super wealthy and the corporate structure. If Mrs. Clinton wishes to continue wasting and money and resources and forcing Senator Obama to the same, then she is only weakening the chances for a Democratic Presidency in 2009. Mrs. Clinton seems more concerned about her own aspirations than the America People and it is now time for the Democratic Party to coalesce and lend support to the Democratic Nominee for the sake of the people and the Nation. If Senator Clinton is addicted to the campaign trail, them by all means continue, but continue to campaign in support of Senator Obama achieving victory in November over the Republican vision of the continuation of the third Bush Term. After eight years of abuse under this Bush administration, the race of a candidate should be the last reason to vote or not to vote for a candidate.

Todays Tidbit
Congressman Fossella Republican from New York today admited that he has fathered a child with a Mistriss, this after a druck driving arrest a few days prior in Virginia. This is the same Rep. Fossella who sent a letter to HBO demanding that the Network take action against Bill Maherfor telling jokes about the Pope. See the April 19th, 2008 blog concerning this letter from Mr. Fossella, Republican representive from New York.
Mr. Fossella now appears to be the one who should resgin.

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