Friday, May 23, 2008

Senator Clinton Goes Too Far

Senator Clinton used the assassination of Senator Robert F. Kennedy in June 1968 in California as a reason that she should continue in her campaign for the Democratic Presidential campaign. In an interview to a South Dakota newspaper Mrs. Clinton cited the assassination as a reason that she should continue, but underlying her statement was the blatant statement that Senator Obama could be assassinated.

There seems to be a pattern of Senator Clinton trying to put ideas into the heads of voters. First Senator Clinton makes remarks about White people not voting for Senator Obama now she is hinting that Senator Obama will suffer the fate of Senator Robert F. Kennedy. If Mrs. Clinton is relaying on tragedy to secure the nomination she should immediately quit this campaign. Senator Clinton seems bent on destroying the Democratic party if she is not chosen as the nominee. It is time for all Democratic leaders to stand up and speak out against the divisive campaign that the Clinton Team is running.

Today's Tidbit
The Senate slipped into the housing relief bill a provision to collect fingerprints of all those involved in the Real Estate and Mortgage Industry, this is a bad precedent that will lead to more privacy invasions. How could the Democratic leadership allow this to pass? Where is the Democratic Leadership?

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